SG-1012 Glass Hand Pipe

  • At one end, they feature an indented chamber with a hole called the bowl. This chamber is where smokers will pack and light their favorite herbs. Spoons typically feature carburetors (also known as the carb) at the same end as the bowl. Carbs function to let air into the pipe so that smoke can be quickly cleared. The neck and mouthpiece sit at the other back of the spoon to direct the smoke to the user's mouth. Spoon-style pipes are generally made of briar or maple wood and carved to look like a traditional wooden spoon, such as those used in cooking and dining. Some manufacturers also make spoons out of metal, but these tend not to have the bowl on the wide end of the handle, and the narrow part is generally shorter than the rest of the handle instead of longer as in a real spoon.[3][4] The term "spoon" is not unique to smoking tobacco: a common alternative name for a hookah pipe is the "spoon." Although both terms are associated with smoking, the shape and dimensions differ significantly.


  • A spoon pipe is a style of pipe for smoking herbs, tobacco, and cannabis. They are appropriately named for their basic spoon shape and size and are mostly made with blown glass today, but can also be made with other materials. Most people prefer using a spoon pipe because it's convenient.

    While an intricate bong could easily break, stored correctly, glass pipes can withstand being jostled around. Your glass pipe will also be able to withstand higher temperatures than wood, metal, or plastic. That means you can burn your bud, without burning your hands.


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